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10 Amazingly Creative Web Experiments Based On HTML5

March 7, 2013 Design No Comments

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Thanks to the evolution of HTML, JavaScript and CSS we now have the possibility to implement almost anything in our website and the web development community is racing one each other to deliver stunning results. For example look at the first website from my list. It is amazing and you can even compare it with a game from last decade when it comes to complexity. Thanks to these wonderful programming and scripting tools, the imagination is our only limitation and it seems that some of us are pushing things on a higher level.

Check out the list below and let me know what you think because I bet that you will be impressed.

Find Your Way To Oz

1. web experiments

A presentation of Oz, an upcoming Disney movie.


2. web experiments

A WebGL vertex shader for three.js that distorts geometry by curling it about a point.

Gestures + Reveal.JS

3. web experiments

CNES Satellites

4. web experiments

Interactive timeline of satellite launches by CNES since the 60s.

Web Copter

5. web experiments

First, create your own design for your aircraft from body to blades. Then, take the commands and fly with it in an infinitely big world. Finally, share it with your friends and explore the WebCopter gallery.

100,000 Stars

6. web experiments

100,000 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood created for the Google Chrome web browser. It shows the real location of over 100,000 nearby stars. Zooming in reveals 87 major named stars and our solar system. The galaxy view is an artist’s rendition.


7. web experiments

JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that allows friends in different locations to play music together in real time through their Chrome browser, using the latest HTML5 technologies. You can choose from one of 19 instruments and up to 4 people can JAM together in a session.

Google Space

8. web experiments

When Angry Birds Space got released some months ago I thought I should also make a space mode to Google Gravity. Technically is the same simulation but without the gravity component. The experience, however, is a bit different.

Generative Machines

9. web experiments

This experiment generates machines inspired by exploding view diagrams. Note: press “Shift-Click” to move diagrams.

House Configurator

10. web experiments

This is a house configurator. Starting from a predefined template, the user can build its own house and visit it in 3D.


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