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30 Fancy Wine Bottle Designs

October 24, 2012 Design No Comments

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Creating a good package is vital for selling your product. You need to understand what your consumer needs, what he likes and how he reacts when it comes to similar products. Trying to make a bottle for a wine can be pretty hard because this market is in general very conservative so creating an atypical label or using bold colors can be a risky move. In this article you can see a collection of 30 great wine bottle designs which are doing an excellent job on being noticed on the shelve.


The Bottle of Wits

What Ever


Table Wine

Truett Hurst x Safeway

Buddy Mulled Wine

SQ Sommeraquavit

Wildfire Wines

Padre Divino

Di Franco’s

Lansdowne Vineyard


Cuvée S


The Piece

Pink Glasses

Hofmann Willems Willems



Mig Mig

The Divining Rod




The Cloud Factory

The Cloud Factory

Péter Wetzer Wines

Modern Hen

Stiegl Haus Bier














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