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Huge Collection Of More Than 2400 Gorgeous Metro Style Icons

November 30, 2012 Design 2 Comments

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When creating an application even if it’s on the web or not, it is extremely important to carefully choose the icon sets. First of all, the icons must be similar with the overall design but also they must clearly show their purpose for an easy navigation and interaction. If you choose ambiguous icons, the users won’t be able to understand their actions and they will quickly became frustrated and quit using your website or application.

There are many types of icon designs suitable for any type of project but what captured my attention in the last days are the metro style icon designs. As their name says, they have a design similar to Windows 8 guidelines which means that they are minimalist, most of the times with sharp angles and with a clear design or symbol. If you are looking for metro style icon sets, here you can find a huge collection of more than 2400 icons, so you can find almost anything you want.

789 Modern Metro Style UI Icons

102 WP7 Mobile Icons

135 Metro Style Icons

Metro Icons for Icon Packager

More Metro-style icons+RD skin

MetroStation – 209 icons

Metro Minimal Icon Pack

100 Metro File Type Icons

130 Free Windows Metro Icons

233 Metro styled icons

Metro Style UI Social Icon Collection

Icons metro style (full pack)

Metro UI Dock Icon Set – 678 Icons

100 Metro icons

Metro Games Icons



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