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Roundup: 50 Top Notch HTML5 Tutorials

November 23, 2012 Development No Comments

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HTML is an indispensable tool for any web developer because is the building block of any website. The newest iteration, HTML5, comes with a lot of features that helps getting work done faster and better. When starting to learn a new programming or scripting language, the best way to do it is by reading a lot of tutorials and start creating something on your own. Searching on internet for HTML5 tutorials is easy but isn’t better to have a bunch of them packed in a single page rather than jumping from one site to another? In this article you have a collection of 50 of the best HTML5 tutorials that you can find online. These tutorials will help you either learn HTML5 or to enhance your skills.

Design & Code a Cool iPhone App website in HTML5

HTML5 Grayscale Image Hover

Circle Hover Effects

HTML5 visual cheat sheet by Woork

An Introduction to the HTML5 Gamepad API

HTML5 for beginners: Use it Now its easy!

Create Vector Masks using the HTML5 Canvas

Make disaster-proof HTML5 forms


Coding an HTML5 Layout from scratch

Create fluid layouts with HTML5 and CSS3

Create a page flip effect with HTML5 canvas

How to Make All Browsers Render HTML5 Mark-up Correctly – even IE6

Optimize Images With HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 Drag and Drop Multiple File Uploader

Convert Your WordPress Theme to HTML5

Create an interactive bubble chart with HTML5 canvas

Create HTML5 audio visualisations

Code a Backwards Compatible, One Page Portfolio with HTML5 and CSS3

How to Build Cross-Browser HTML5 Forms

Toggle Fullscreen HTML5 Canvas and Other DOM Elements

Detect Geolocation On Web Browser Using HTML5

Touch the further: Create An Elegant Website With HTML 5 And CSS3

How To Create a Slick Features Table in HTML & CSS

Interactive Typography Effects with HTML5

Create Your Portfolio Gallery Using HTML5 Canvas

Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

Building a custom HTML5 video player with CSS3 and jQuery

Build a Lightbox for a responsive HTML5 touch interface

HTML5 File Uploads with jQuery

Using semantic HTML

Creating a minimal blog design with HTMl5, CSS3 and jQuery

Create an HTML5 Canvas Tile Swapping Puzzle

Getting started with the HTML5 track element

How to draw with HTML5 canvas

HTML5 Canvas Optimization: A Practical Example

HTML5 Grayscale Image Hover

Making a Beautiful HMTML5 Portfolio

Learn CreateJS by Building an HTML5 Pong Game

Fullscreen slideshow with HTML5 audio and jQuery

How to Create an Audio Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

Create offline Web applications on mobile devices with HTML5

50 Performance tricks to make your HTML5 web sites faster

Blowing up HTML5 video and mapping it into 3D space

Designing a blog with HTML5

Creating an Animated 404 Page

How to create a Progress bar with HTML5 Canvas

Design a Foursquare-like User Profile Page in HTML5/CSS3

Banish JavaScript in Web Forms with HTML5



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