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The Eternal Debates On Making Layouts

June 19, 2013 No Comments

The principles of web design are not dissimilar from those of its older cousin, print design. Blocks are objects like business cards or billboards in print design, and in web design the analogous block is the browser window.

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Innovative User Interfaces in 40 Stunning Examples

April 18, 2013 No Comments

The user interface is extremely important for any type of application because without an intuitive design, the user will probably try to find an alternative to that app. Making an attractive but also user friendly interface is not an easy task because you need to not only focus on the graphic components but also on how to mix them perfectly and not messing with the principles of design.

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30. business card design

30 Wicked Business Card Design Examples

February 18, 2013 No Comments

First impression is what matters the most in a conversation, especially if it is a business one. If you want to make yourself look good, you need to be prepared and ready to respond to some basic question, like “do you have a business card?”.

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1. Skeumorph design

Skeuomorphic Design Showcase – A Good Or A Bad Approach On Creating Graphic Interfaces?

February 4, 2013 No Comments

 A skeuomorph is a physical ornament or design on an object copied from a form of the object when made from another material or by other techniques. This type of design is very popular among Apple OS and the applications which run on it, but despite the increasing number of designers which are adopting this style, skeuomorphic design is pretty controversial

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The Golden Principles Of Designing User Interfaces

January 21, 2013 No Comments

Designing user interfaces for interactive applications is more science than art because every pixel must be placed after a good analysis. Every button, every message and every action are based on user’s psychology. Even if at first sight, creating a design is not hard work, well…this isn’t quite true.

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