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1. minimal icon

17 High Quality Icon Sets For Minimalist Designs

April 11, 2013 No Comments

When creating a design, especially in terms of usability, it’s important to make it as clear as possible because the viewer need to easily understand the purpose of your work.  Icons are a vital part of any type of design project, especially when it comes to web design or software applications because they act as a guidance and an indirect user manual.

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8. retro icons

Capture Your User’s Attention With These 15 Absolutely Gorgeous Retro Icon Sets

March 6, 2013 No Comments

Every project’s success depends on how great it runs and how gorgeous it looks. It doesn’t matter if you have an application which is working flawlessly and covers all the user’s needs; if it doesn’t have a great interface then there is a high probability that it will fail.

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4. metro style icons

Huge Collection Of More Than 2400 Gorgeous Metro Style Icons

November 30, 2012 2 Comments

When creating an application even if it’s on the web or not, it is extremely important to carefully choose the icon sets. First of all, the icons must be similar with the overall design but also they must clearly show their purpose for an easy navigation and interaction. If you choose ambiguous icons, the users won’t be able to understand their actions and they will quickly became frustrated and quit using your website or application.

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1. wunderlist-icon

20 Highly Detailed iOS Icon Designs That Will Impress Even The Most Pickiest User

September 7, 2012 No Comments

The icon is just like a business card: it must show exactly what the application do and it must impress the user from the very first interaction. Even if the icon is just a static image, its purpose is way more important that most of us think. It acts like a bridge between the user and the application, it helps the user to understand what is the purpose of the application before interacting with it and also it must be easily to remember, just as a visual landmark.

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1. minimalist icon

20 Gorgeous Minimalist Icon Sets Which Every Designer Should Know About

July 19, 2012 No Comments

Icons are the most important graphical detail when it comes to user interaction because without them, the usability will be equivalent like walking on a dark room, trying to find the light switch. Choosing the best type of icons depends on may variables such as the type of application, the overall design or the targeted users.

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