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3. vintage sci fi movie poster

30 Classic Sci-Fi Movie Posters That You Must Know About

December 2, 2012 No Comments

I love watching movies because I like seeing “what if” scenarios and to debate their subjects with my friends. Among my favorite movie genres is the Sci-Fi, because it lets the scenarist go wild. He is not restraint by the law nature or physics and he can twist the plot as much as he can. Well, this and also thanks to the special effects because I’m a sucker for them.

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Stupid Things That People Usually Ask Designers

November 14, 2012 No Comments

Being a designer is not an easy thing, and I don’t mean that the work is hard or the tools are dangerous. No, everything is nice and sleek. The worst thing being a web designer or a graphic designer, or heck…any type of designer is working with the client. If you are lucky and your client understands that you know a lot more than him and he trusts your decisions, then everything will go smoothly.

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1. movie poster

10 Awesome Reimagined Movie Posters

November 7, 2012 No Comments

The poster must expose the main idea of a movie so it’s not an easy task to create a single image that not only shows what’s all about but also to capture the attention of the viewer and to make him interested on that particular film.

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20 Gorgeous Motivational Posters That Will Boost Your Morale

October 10, 2012 1 Comment

There are moments in our life when we need a little help to get through something. Sometimes we need a financial support but most of the times we only need to be motivated. Motivational posters are very common in many people’s houses or offices because a small quote helps them go further, work better or pursuit their dreams.

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8. graphic illustration

Funny Poster Illustrations That Illustrates Some Popular Movies

September 21, 2012 No Comments

Ale Giorgini is one of my favorite illustrators because his work is extremely well done and also extremely funny.  His portfolio is awesome and you should check it out after seeing this article. Below you can see some funny poster illustrations made by him that recreates some very well known movie scenes. Can you guess the movies?

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