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Why You Should Hate Your Web Designer

December 10, 2012 Design 5 Comments

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Bogdan is the founder of Design Superstars. He is very passionate about design and web development and he's constantly searching for the most interesting things to write about on this site.

  • Regine Camille Garcia

    Am I the only one that thinks this piece of work is marvelous? :) This is really really true! Hat’s off to the designers everywhere. People may hate us but then again… we make things more functional and also “good looking” :)

  • Lauren Watkins

    Nice article, but you wrote: “will try to make you please” did you mean “try to please you” or “try to make you pleased?”

    • designsuperstars

      Ups, sorry for that. Let’s go with “try to make you pleased”.

  • Filbert

    I get what you’re saying, but as a designer it’s really hard for me to be ok with putting my name and heart into CRAP. Sorry, but if a client has atrocious taste and refuses to listen, I “fire” them. I’d rather not do that kind of work.

    • Bogdan

      Yes you are right but sometimes you need to educate the client.

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