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Why You Should Hate Your Web Designer

December 10, 2012 Design 5 Comments

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I know that this may sound crazy, I mean who in his right mind would say to hate your designer? Well, I am and before calling me crazy, read this first. It’s all about the business relationship and how both parts are acting. When you want to create something and you don’t know how to do it, the most logical thing to do is to hire someone that knows how. The same can be said when dealing with web design. If you want a website but you don’t have a clue about design or web development, you pass this task to a professional. Right in that moment, a client-employee  relationship starts and both parts will do what they can in order to finish that task. The employee, in our case the web designer will try to make you pleased because at the end of the day he wants your money.

You’ll tell him exactly what you want, you send him some examples and maybe a few sketches just enough to help him make an idea on what to create. Usually, the web designer will know just from the start what kind of client you are and let me tell you that the worst clients are those that know absolutely nothing about creating a website, typography or graphic design but he thinks that he is an expert. Well, let’s say that you are one, so what’s next? Well, most designers will run like hell from you and that’s a good thing even for you. Why? Because first of all you’ll probably realize that your skills suck and you will lower your temper. But, and there is always a but, some designers won’t run away and that’s the worst thing can happen to you.

If you don’t know shit about web design but your web designer doesn’t tell you that and follow your requirements strictly, then your website will be awful. If you tell him to add shiny web2.0 buttons, stupid fonts all over your website and maybe just a little bit of blinking stars and he will happily do that, then you will love that guy. And you are screwed.

I want to use Helvetica because fuck you

A professional web designer will make your life miserable. You want to use Helvetica font? Tough luck, he wants Neue Haas Grotesk and he will use it. You still want Helvetica? He will tell you that you don’t know shit about what fonts matches your overall design and the fact that if you heard about Helvetica doesn’t mean that every website must use it. You want to add a big ass advertising box which floats above the content when you scroll the page? He will tell you that this is one of the worst ideas in the history of usability and your website will quickly go to Google’s deepest pithole. Oh, you want a black background and a bright white text? He will send you an eye specialist email just for checking your stupid eyes because white text on black background is one of the most dangerous color combination.

Let’s copy this logo because the Internet is a free space

By now you slowly start hating your web designer because he destroys all your bright ideas. You want to fire this moron and to look for someone that is not so expensive and which will do exactly what you want but when he sends you his first versions of your website, you start realizing that he was right. Now when you have another brilliant suggestion, you hesitate sending it to him.

Now you are more careful and before pressing send, you start doing a little research on the net. You will quickly find out that copying a logo is a serious copyright infringement  but you don’t care. I mean the Internet is a free space, isn’t it? You quickly modify a logo in Paint and send it to him.  The ranting email that you will receive will make you hate your web designer more than your worst enemy and now you start punching his Facebook photo just to put off some steam.

But what if you really want to make your web designer call you in the middle of the night screaming that your ideas are killing the evolution of the human brain? Tell him that his design is not commercial enough and that it’s not going to be a Facebook-killer, like you want it to be. And also start telling him impossible-mind-blocking crap like this yellow is not sunny enough.

A good designer won’t do what you tell him to do but rather take your ideas, destroy them and re-shape them in something way more better. This is how it is done and this is why you will hate him. Even if you want to punch him in the face, at the end of the day he will make your website rock. And believe me, you will thank him for not listening to you. So, I hope by now you realized that I’m not crazy and it is actually a good thing if you hate your web designer.

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Bogdan is the founder of Design Superstars. He is very passionate about design and web development and he's constantly searching for the most interesting things to write about on this site.

  • Regine Camille Garcia

    Am I the only one that thinks this piece of work is marvelous? :) This is really really true! Hat’s off to the designers everywhere. People may hate us but then again… we make things more functional and also “good looking” :)

  • Lauren Watkins

    Nice article, but you wrote: “will try to make you please” did you mean “try to please you” or “try to make you pleased?”

    • designsuperstars

      Ups, sorry for that. Let’s go with “try to make you pleased”.

  • Filbert

    I get what you’re saying, but as a designer it’s really hard for me to be ok with putting my name and heart into CRAP. Sorry, but if a client has atrocious taste and refuses to listen, I “fire” them. I’d rather not do that kind of work.

    • Bogdan

      Yes you are right but sometimes you need to educate the client.

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