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30 Hilarious And Eye Catching Ambient Ads

February 21, 2013 Advertising 2 Comments

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In a nutshell, ambient advertising is all about placing the ad in an unusual place, where the viewer is less expecting to see it. This way, the ad will be more successful because it will create a higher impact. Also, the unusual its format is, the better the result. There are many ways to create an ambient ad but one of the most popular is to make it as a reproduction on a larger or smaller scale of the advertised product. This is a great way to make the viewer more curious and make it take a closer look. To make an idea of how funny these ambient ads really are, check out these 30 examples.

Mobility Dogs: Wagging Tail

30. ambient ads

First United Mission: Street Sculptures

29. ambient ads

International Radio Festival

27. ambient ads

Reach Dental Floss

28. ambient ads

BIC – Huge Razor

1. ambient ads

MTV Switch – Global Warming

2. ambient ads

Your pin money. His life fountain!

3. ambient ads

Gorge Grown Farmers Market

4. ambient ads

WWF – Save Paper – Save the Planet

5. ambient ads

Pepperidge Farm Soft Bread

6. ambient ads

doydoy – Germany’s Biggest Kebab

7. ambient ads

Lay’s – Our Potatoes Are Grown Closer Than You May Think

8. ambient ads

KitKat – Bench

9. ambient ads


10. ambient ads

Rimmel Quick Dry Nail Polish

11. ambient ads


12. ambient ads

Fitness First

13. ambient ads

Fitness First

14. ambient ads

Tibits – Very Very Fresh Vegetarian Food

15. ambient ads

Police- Slower is Better

16. ambient ads

Smart Fortwo

17. ambient ads

Bounty paper towels

18. ambient ads

Ford towing power

19. ambient ads

Plastic Pollution Coalition

20. ambient ads

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino – baggage belt

21. ambient ads

Denver Water

22. ambient ads

Charity book sale in Greenville, South Carolina

24. ambient ads

Nationwide Car Insurance

25. ambient ads


26. ambient ads








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  • DebbyBruck

    Dear Bogdan – Live experiential art gets people to unravel this entire collection of whimsical, puzzling, thoughtful and creative artistry. I love it and will share. Lots of favorites, but I do like the bus with the batteries and the dental floss.

  • Sila Mahmud

    wow ! what a nice work!!

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