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5. electron microscope photo

35 Stunning Photos Taken Under The Electron Microscope

January 14, 2013 3 Comments

When you look at an object, let’s say a human hair, it looks pretty boring because we can’t see details on it. Well, the situation changes dramatically when you put it under the microscope. For example check out the Salt and pepper image. It looks like you’re eating massive stones and pieces of wood. These incredible images are made using an electron microscope, which basically is a type of microscope that uses an electron beam to illuminate a specimen and produce a magnified image.

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The Unseen World Captured In 35 Stunning Macro Photos

November 19, 2012 No Comments

Macro photography is an amazing way to see details which usually are not so interesting. This type of photography enables us to see a world full of strange things and alien-like creatures. For example, while we can see the fly on the wall, our eyes aren’t equipped to make out the fine details of the hairs on it’s face.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Macro Photography

September 1, 2012 No Comments

Macro photography is the art of photographing small objects and making them larger than life. A good macro photograph gives its audience a view of the world that it would otherwise never see. Today I introduce the key concepts of macro photography, and give you tips that will get your first photo project off to a great start.

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Impressive Macro Photography Of Animals Eyes

July 4, 2012 No Comments

First of all, no animal was harmed during this photo session. :)
This series was shortlisted at Sony World Photography Awards in the Nature category in professional section.

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26. eye closeup

Incredible Close-Up Eye Photography

May 19, 2012 No Comments

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and that if you look closely in them you can see if they lie or not. This fantastic collection of extreme close will make you freeze.

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