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8. retro icons

Capture Your User’s Attention With These 15 Absolutely Gorgeous Retro Icon Sets

March 6, 2013 No Comments

Every project’s success depends on how great it runs and how gorgeous it looks. It doesn’t matter if you have an application which is working flawlessly and covers all the user’s needs; if it doesn’t have a great interface then there is a high probability that it will fail.

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3. retro psd

Make Your Design More Attractive With These Cool Retro .PSD Resources

January 9, 2013 No Comments

Retro themes are becoming increasingly popular because this type of design gives the feeling of a high quality product. Usually, a retro design is packed with a lot of details and with a friendly look and feel, so the designer must be careful to accomplish these criteria. Making a vintage design requires a lot of of research because you need to make sure that the details are from the same period of time.

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37. vintage plane ticket

Gorgeous Authentic Vintage Airline Ticket Designs

November 10, 2012 No Comments

Thanks to flying we can travel in almost any place on Earth in comfort and in a short time. Since the beginning of civil air travel, the industry is in a continuous modernization starting with the airplanes and all the way to the boarding process.

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1. vintage wallpaper

20 Absolutely Gorgeous Vintage Wallpapers For The Nostalgics

October 22, 2012 No Comments

They say that your computer’s wallpaper defines you better than you think so take a look on your screen ask yourself if it’s true. For example, I always use a simple black color wallpaper and I keep only just a few folders on it because I’m a minimalist fanatic.

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