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40 Amazing Old Photos That You Should See

August 19, 2013 No Comments

We all are curious how our society was in the past, how the used to party, to live, to work or to dress because looking down in history you can see the evolution of our planet and especially of our specie. Unfortunately, there aren’t so many historic images and I don’t even one to say anything about movies, because these technologies are relatively new, so every time I encounter a vintage photo I look at it just like a kind looking at his birthday gift. 

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8. retro icons

Capture Your User’s Attention With These 15 Absolutely Gorgeous Retro Icon Sets

March 6, 2013 No Comments

Every project’s success depends on how great it runs and how gorgeous it looks. It doesn’t matter if you have an application which is working flawlessly and covers all the user’s needs; if it doesn’t have a great interface then there is a high probability that it will fail.

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3. retro psd

Make Your Design More Attractive With These Cool Retro .PSD Resources

January 9, 2013 No Comments

Retro themes are becoming increasingly popular because this type of design gives the feeling of a high quality product. Usually, a retro design is packed with a lot of details and with a friendly look and feel, so the designer must be careful to accomplish these criteria. Making a vintage design requires a lot of of research because you need to make sure that the details are from the same period of time.

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2. vintage decorations

22 Gorgeous Vintage Decoration Ideas

November 11, 2012 No Comments

I love decorations because they help you make your environment exactly how love it. Without decorations, your home or  your office wouldn’t be a welcoming place and also it won’t reflect your personality. I believe that your living place must be just like your business card: it must tell your story and it must define you.

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